#12 not so turkey day

For all of you vegetarians out there, you may not be as excited about turkey day as all of the  meat lovers. However, there is a way to be extremely full and excited and still eat vegetarian. here are a few recipes that are good alternatives to meat filled holiday.

1. Poblano cornbread stuffing

We all know thanksgiving can’t go without a hearty stuffing. Instead of using a turkey based stuffing, you can create a vegetarian stuffing that is still spicy and healthy.


2. mashed squash with thyme and mascarpone

Generally after a heavy spoonful of mashed potatoes plotted onto your plate, you feel extremely full and heavy. Instead of using potatoes, a nice alternative is squash. It is much lighter and nutritious.


3. Vegan mushroom Gravy

If the mashed squash isn’t enough for your tastebuds, add some vegan mushroom gravy to the top of it. Mushroom gravy has always been my favorite kind, and you can never go wrong with a vegan version.



4.Cranberry Sauce with port and cinnamon



5. Pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew

Replace the centerpiece that meat lovers have  with a beautiful pumpkin stuffed with vegetable stew. It will give you the opportunity to put the meat lovers in jealousy and awe.


6. Pumpkin Pie

Not only is this pie beautiful, it sounds amazing.