The Beginners guide to craft beer


#22 The Onlooker

This video is badass. Great production. Great art. Great match of music. Just great. I hope to create a senseless video that turns into beauty like this one day.

# 21 Feeling Typsy?

I have worked in the food industry for five years now. Through my experience of this repetitive occupation in different restaurants, I have learned much about society as well as myself. I have… Continue reading

#20 Mesóamerica Resiste

hatch the Beehive’s Mesóamerica Resiste is a collaborative art project within the activist world. As an enviro-lover, I appreciate the creative way to spread the word.Our planet is going through some of the… Continue reading

#19 the happy dance

Whenever I am feeling down or stressed, I resort to music. It helps me remove myself from reality. I also try to motivating songs on that remind me that life isn’t so bad.… Continue reading

#18 48 years in the making

Like a Rolling Stone In 1965, music videos were not a part f our culture. Bob Dylan didn’t have the option to make a video for his song “Like a Rolling Stone” that… Continue reading

#17 ONE

Do you ever feel like the only person struggling to get to the top? Or like everyone around you has it easy? Think again.You are never alone. Everybody encounters challenges in life, whether… Continue reading

#16 Taking a chance

These strangers would have never met each other without taking a chance. When we first approach a stranger, confusion comes to mind and the nerves kick in. We don’t always know what to… Continue reading

#15 Will you watch my stuff?

At least once a week I will be asked at the library,” will you watch my stuff for a minute?” Of course, I say sure because I would want someone to do the… Continue reading

#14 Shape type

I have never had a great eye for typography. I would struggle through high school not noticing the beauty of type. The Journalism school has helped me appreciate true type face to a… Continue reading